About us

New Minds

New Minds was founded in order to offer talented engineers a more personal recruitment experience when finding the next employer. In order to reach your professional goals, we believe it is important to formulate and concretize your goals, driving forces and what you actually value from a job and employer. After an interview, we hope that you will get something out of it; if not a job then maybe new ideas, tips for future interviews, or increased knowledge about the labor market and what career paths you can choose.


Building and maintaining relationships is more important to us than making fast deals. To achieve this we make sure to get to know our partner companies and candidates and ask ourselves how we can help them in the best way. We spend a great majority of our time on making sure our deliverance is of the best quality for everyone involved. Communication, expectations and quality are important components in what we do and promise. Our partner companies work with us because they know we deliver on our promises.


We believe in diversity and want to represent the real world with all of its individuals. We at New Minds come from different backgrounds and have a multitude of contrasting personalities and interests, but the one thing we have in common is that we all really enjoy working in this industry. Our passion for recruiting the right person to the right position and company is what makes us successful.

New Minds employees having a Midsummer lunch together
New Minds employees on the yearly conference trip
New Minds together with WirelessCar
Employees from New Minds and Volvo Cars after one of the training sessions
Group of employees at New Minds after a marathon

Once upon a time...

…there were three entrepreneurs with a strong common desire of making a difference. Fredrik, Nils and Fredrik had an idea of a new, unique recruitment company where personal qualities, interests and corporate culture would lift the recruitment process to a higher level. With backgrounds in both the consulting industry and the academic world, a big network of partners rapidly formed. Now there was only one thing missing for recruiting the right person to the right company – the young talents!

"Not only do we recruit the right people, but we also help our partner companies grow and develop"

What makes New Minds stand out from our competitors is our focus on delivery and quality. Our biggest strength is that we have a strong team sense; everything we do, we do together. We view our partnership companies and candidates as part of this team and that’s what makes us successful.

A proof of this success is that over 90% or our consultants are directly employed by the partner company after their consulting period with us. This means that not only do we recruit the right people, but we also help our partner companies grow and develop.

Our vision for New Minds in the future is to set the standard for other companies and encourage them to look at recruitment as something long term and holistic. It’s important for us to think about what we want to achieve, not only who we hire.

— Fredrik Marthinsen, CEO & Founder

Portrait of the New Minds CEO