Start your career with New Minds!

Our passion is to help engineers within IT and tech reach their professional dreams.

With personal recruitment as our cornerstone we make this possible by matching experiences with challenges, interests with needs, and personalities with company cultures.

Working with New Minds

With your interests as well as your qualifications in mind, we work together to find a job where you can develop and thrive in the long term. We take pride in getting to know you and your ambitions before we match you to the right company. Through the entire recruitment process we will support and guide you, for example by preparing you before the employment interviews.

During your time as a consultant at New Minds we also organize many fun activities in order for you to expand your professional connections within our network of consultants and companies.

Opportunities for new graduates

As a newly graduated young professional we want to give you a kick-start to your career. Our partner companies range from smaller startups to global organizations with tens of thousands of employees. All with the common denominator of a need for professional help in finding and recruiting new competent employees.

New Minds Academy

As previously mentioned, we want to give you, as new graduates, a kickstart to your career. Through hands on projects we believe that you will strengthen your professional skillset and grow as a person as well as in your work.

We see the Academy as the first step of your career where we offer you training sessions during the year and a chance to work in challenging projects at an attractive workplace. After the 12 month’s program, the intention is for you to be employed by the company you worked at during the Academy.

If you’re passionate about technology, innovation and being part of a company in the forefront of their industry, this is the start for you!

Our application process

Step 1: Application

Get in touch with us by either applying to one of our jobs, or by submitting an open application. Afterwards we will contact you for a shorter phone interview.

Step 2:
Meet us

Next step is the technical interview with one of our tech recruiters or consultant managers. We will discuss your experiences, skills, and ambitions for the future.

Step 3: Matching

After that we review your profile and discuss potential matches between your preferences and the needs at our partner companies.

Step 4: Job interview

When we agree on a suitable match with a partner, we present you to this company. You will thereafter be invited to a job interview at the company’s office.

Step 5: Employment

If everything feels right for both you and our partner company, you will be employed as a consultant via New Minds. After the agreed time period, the employment will be transferred to the partner company.