New Minds Academy

Our Academy program is the optimal start to your career. By applying and qualifying for one of the programs within New Minds Academy you receive the right tools and connections to grow into your future dream role. You will have your own designated consultant manager that will mentor and support you during your first professional year.

During the Academy program you will be formally employed by New Minds with an attractive salary package and work for one of our partner companies.

After completing the Academy program, our ambition is for you to have the right tools needed to take the next step within your chosen company.

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Meet Anders, our former Academy consultant at Saab!

The Academy program offers newly graduated engineers the possibility to accelerate early in their career. Our goal is to develop your skills and strengthen you professionally during your first year after graduation. The program starts in September and lasts for 12 months, and you will be employed by us and work at one of our partnership companies.

At the start of Academy, there’s always a kick-off with all of our Academy participants. The kick-off is an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, as well as us at New Minds. The kick-off usually consists of an inspiring lecture, a team activity, and then a dinner where we can enjoy ourselves and start building your professional network.

During your time with New Minds there will be plenty of opportunities for you to grow your own personal network. During the year we organize a couple of consultant events where you can spend some time with other participants and your consultant manager in a more relaxed setting. The goal of the events is for you to hopefully build connections that will be useful throughout your career.

The Academy program offers full-day training sessions continuously during the year to help you strengthen your skills and knowledge. Tech sessions will focus on expanding your technical perspectives and give you a deeper understanding of relevant fields within your area of work. We also have training sessions revolving around professional skills which will provide tools for personal development in a professional setting.

With our training sessions you will boost your technical expertise, develop essential working skills, and find inspiration to fuel your career.

When the Academy year ends, we’ll celebrate your accomplishments with a graduation mingle and then say our goodbyes before the partnership company takes over your employment. After months of sharpening your skills and building relationships with industry colleagues as well as training coaches, you will be ready to take on new professional challenges!

The optimal start to your career

New Minds is not a typical recruitment company; we like to think of ourselves as a personal link between you and your dream job. Whether you want to work as a programmer, project manager, tester, or web developer, we at New Minds have the network, experience and desire to make your future exactly what you want it to be.

With your interests, skills and personal qualities in mind, we will work hard to find a job where you can develop and thrive in the long term. As a relationship oriented company we take pride in supporting both you and our partner companies throughout the entire recruitment process.

During the recruitment process we give you advice on how to prepare for the job interviews and tests. Moreover we also help you improve your resume and present your skills and personality to the partner companies to further increase your chances of getting your dream job.

We collaborate with about 80 different companies that are present in several fields such as automotive, medtech and telecom and work with both large international companies, consulting companies and smaller startups. We have a daily contact with our partner companies and will always update you on new exciting assignments and roles.

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