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What we offer

Does your company need help with tech recruitment? We have a broad network of competent engineers, software developers, testers and other tech profiles. With the help of our network we work hard to ensure that our partner companies find and employ the right individuals, with minimal effort and at a controlled risk.

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Apart from our consultant recruitment services, we also offer an Academy program. New Minds Academy is a 12 months long program where we coach and prepare the candidates as much as possible before your company employs them directly. The Academy consultants will participate in multiple full day training sessions in order to strengthen their skills and knowledge. The topics of the sessions will depend on what skills our partnership companies need.


We recruit based on your specific requirements as an employer, with regards to the candidate’s preferences and ambitions. Our recruitment process includes technical questions as well as programming tests to ensure the candidates match the technical profile and background your company needs.


Our team consists of both engineers and recruitment specialists, resulting in a technical expertise required to understand your business and needs, as well as the recruitment expertise necessary to make a professional assessment of candidates.

In order to increase the candidate’s ability to succeed in your organization, our selection is based on their preferences, personalities, experiences and competences. This ensures a long term successful relationship. By working with us, you are guaranteed an efficient and quality assured process. We will take care of all things recruitment related, so you can focus on your core business.

Our process


Our process start with establishing your recruitment needs. After initial contact we collaborate to design a requirement profile and order specification of candidates.

Search and evaluation

With the help of our unique academic network, we find suitable candidates who are evaluated and presented to you for final interviews and decision.

Contract period

You hire the candidates you are interested in during an agreed period of time. The price for the candidate is agreed on beforehand and reflects your stated starting salaries.


If the consulting period proceeds accordingly for all parties, you employ the candidate for an indefinite period, without any extra costs or fees to us.


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See what Henrik at Mentice has to say about New Minds.

— Zeynab Habib,
Purchasing manager @ WirelessCar Sweden

"New Minds offer expertise and support where we lack knowledge and time. They deliver what is promised - newly graduated talents to our specifications. Candidates who show hunger and drive to develop and work with us at WirelessCar!"

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