Your career is our focus


Your ambition is our misson

To make people grow with their professional careers and getting companies to grow with the help of the most suitable individuals. To be the natural choice for those who want to reach their full professional potential.

This is our vision, but what does it really mean in our daily work?
New Minds is a recruitment company that helps newly graduated IT and technology students find a job at either a product or a consulting company in Gothenburg. Most of our partners operate in the automotive industry, but our network also consists of companies in medtech and various digital platforms. When interviewing candidates, we always rely on their aspirations and wishes for a future job. This is to ensure that the candidate will be happy and thrive at the company we suggest. New Mind's goal is to help people get an exciting first job and help companies find the sharpest junior candidates. In a constantly evolving industry, which the IT industry is, the candidate can, with his/her new perspectives, contribute to the journey the companies are on.

To do this in a sustainable way, we have a concept called New Minds Academy. It is a one-year program including training sessions and activities during the consultants' first year. Each month, they receive high-quality training sessions in relevant IT areas in order to enlightenment in different processes and IT skills. New Minds Academy focus on IT & Tech Development and strive to make junior developers or engineers grow personally and professional.

The Academy consists of 40 newly graduated students. This means that in addition to the faster development curve that the program provides, they also receive a valuable network of people in the same situation and industry from the very start of their careers.

Are you an IT-student and thinking about your future after graduation? Get in touch and let’s find you a career!