Techwoman Network


Techwoman Network

Who is Techwoman? Where is she? - She is our new superhero and it could be YOU!

We at New Minds find it important that we all move towards a more equal society, where women and men have the same possibilities. We know that the IT and technology industry is still male-dominated and we want to help change this. We want to encourage women to take their first or next step in their careers, hence we have started the '' Techwoman '' initiative:

'' Techwoman '' is a symbol of a superhero that any woman can become, it is our symbol for a network where we gather women who are studying, looking for a job, or already working today, all in the technology industry. The network exists to create a sense of security for women where they can meet, make contacts and share their own experiences. As a woman you have the right to feel seen and safe in your workplace!

On November 6th , we organized the second networking night for all our Techwomen. During the evening, women from the IT industry shared their experiences from work- and student-life. We were proud to present Cecilia Ekerstig from Volvo Cars who shared her work experience and what it is like to be a leading woman in a male-dominated industry. The evening offered a lot of laughter and the start of a strong network.

If you are a woman interested in technology and feel like being part of our network, send an email and tell us who you are.