Soon to be graduated

You are now in the final stages of your academic journey and a new one is just around the corner, something exciting and unknown…your career!

You probably have a lot of questions; what do I want to work with, what company should I work at, and is the reality really the same working there as described by those I have met?

At the end of the day every company is really about the people working there and the culture they represent, this is to many the most vital factor to evaluate the attractiveness of an employer. You probably try to read up on a lot of potential employers, but we know it is difficult to read up on a feeling, this is why we arrange the New Minds Academy Day!

For the third consecutive year we now arrange the Academy Day, a full day session when you have a chance to meet and get to know the companies we work with in the New Minds Academy. During these sessions you will find out more in detail what you can work with at these companies, what thesis opportunities they have, and also what sort of challenges they are facing in the future. The best of it all is that you have the opportunity to meet with your future colleagues and get that feeling of what it is really like to work there, something hard to get without the physical interaction.

Academy Day is a highly appreciated event with all our potential candidates as well as with our clients. The companies all value a chance to meet interesting people and their commitment and energy is high at the event.

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