A social workplace


A social workplace

It’s truly important that everyone working at New Minds feels like an important part of our company and connects with those of us working inhouse as well as colleagues on different projects. Since we do not meet all of you in our day to day work we make sure to arrange a number of social activities over the year to strengthen the bond to us and the rest of your colleagues. You are always welcome to come by our office on Avenyn 37 just to say hi over a cup of coffee. 

At New Minds we meet young engineers on a daily basis. Our experience tells us that a good working environment and friendly colleagues are valued highly. The purpose of our social activities is to strengthen this feeling and increase the joy of working. Below is a selection of the activities we have done so far in 2019.


Kick-off: We always start the New Minds Academy with a kick-off trip abroad where we run the initial training sessions and team-building activities.

Training: In the New Minds Academy we run training-session for all participants one time per month. During these sessions we always have lunch together and after-work for those who want.

100 Point Challenge – this was an activity we did one night to get to know Gothenburg better. All participant were competing in teams, solving challenges all over the city, a nice price was awarded the winning team at the end.

 Escape Room – also a team activity we did one evening in September. Each team had to solve a number of puzzles to escape entrapment as quickly as possible, fun and scary...

Afterwork – We really like to invite everyone to our office now and then to hang-out and have some Friday-drinks before it´s time to enjoy the weekend. 

Christmas-party – A party when we treat everyone with the things associated to Christmas; food, games, music and a few glasses of glögg.


These are a few of the things we have done this fall. Of-course we look forward to many happenings this spring. The set-up will be similar, but the selection of activities varies. Before the holidays we always host a grand summer party that we´re already starting to look forward to!