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It’s an early Friday morning. The distinct scent of coffee spreads in the room and a dozing sorl rises among the consultants. Ola Källgården will soon begin his training session “Intro Frameworks and Methodologies” a summarize of the most common frameworks within the IT industry. As the skilled business consultant he are he advise the consultants to leave their computers in their bags and start writing symbols on a big paper.

Intro Frameworks and Methodologies is one of many training sessions included in New Minds Academy. Some of the other training sessions are Java according to Silicon Valley, Amazon AWS Certification and Software Security. The purpose with the training sessions is to create a link between university and work life. When you look for your first job after graduation, seldom the education itself counts as enough experience. In fact most of the companies want to see relevant work experience, which can be hard to manage beside from studies. The training sessions in New Minds Academy enables the consultants to sharpen their IT competence during their first professional year. In this way they can kick start their career and the companies can feel secure of the consultants beeing updated within the IT field.

Besides from networking with the different trainers, which have huge experience according to their IT careers, the training sessions becomes a meetup for the consultants to get to know each other. This is a great advantage for them to start building their professional network with 40 other persons in similar positions. Right now it’s about sharing experience between four companies where the consultants works, but in the future when somebody have specialized him- or herself or taken a job abroad the network will be truly valuable for their careers and to find new interesting positions.

We at New Minds are happy to be a part of this journey - being able to open doors for newly graduated engineers to kickstart their careers. And in the bigger picture contribute with new knowledge and fresh approaches from the consultants that will form the future IT-industry.