Kick-off Malta


Kick-off tripp for Academy 2019!

The New Minds Academy offers young engineers a continuous learning experience and a valuable network during their first year in their career. The concept is an innovative way to develop a company’s human capital as well as the individuals abilities and competitiveness in the labor market.

We are grateful toward all our consultants and trainers who participated in this years training trip. We went to warm and sunny Malta and the start of Academy 2019 has been amazing. I think everyone arrived back home with a lot of new experiences, knowledge, new friends and energy to take on the coming fall.

It was a strong team of more than 50 participants who joined us in Malta. Besides the sun and warm sea we had some fantastic training sessions digging into the world of Scrum and DevOps. These were the topics of our initial Academy education and we are proud they were delivered by our very competent trainers Ola Källgården (DevOps) and Benjamin Sommer (Scrum). After the daily classroom sessions, we focused on networking and team activities, with the grand finale on Saturday when we all went on a sailing trip with some diving and deep sea swimming.