New Minds Academy concept


New Minds Academy concept helps Volvo Cars to recruit and retain young talents


We are kickstarting New Minds Academy 2020 with an Academy Day the 14th of October 2019 to present potential Master Thesis Projects. This is a joint initiative between Volvo Cars and New Minds. The purpose of communicating Master Thesis Projects is to give the student the best possible start to their career by getting an understanding and feeling of the company before they enter the Academy year 2020.

The Academy year starts in September 2020 and offers participants training sessions throughout the entire year. Every Academy has their unique tailored setup but are running parallel with other Academies, which creates synergies. This is a great way for the young talents to meet experts within different fields and connect with many other participants in the New Minds Academy. 

What is your experience of your company’s collaboration with New Minds?

“There is a continuity and a strong sense of Continuous-Improvement in the commitment from New Minds. With a passion to improve the candidate’s prerequisites in order to succeed their mission and by that also improve Our productivity.”

- Cecilia Ekerstig, Group Manager Active Safety & Autonomous Drive Volvo Car Group


 What do you think is the best with your collaboration with new Minds?

“I find New Minds to be professional and trustworthy during our collaboration. The process that they follow is quite efficient, keeping in mind the tight schedules the OEMs like Volvo Car Group deal with. These traits make it easier for us to speed up the process, while maintaining quality in the hiring process and holding a professional demeanor at the same time.”

 -Siddhant GuptaResearch Engineer, Verification & Validation Autonomous Driving/ADAS at Volvo Car Group


What has New Minds contributed to your company? 

“The candidates in the talent pool of New Minds, that our team at Autonomous Drive have worked with, are generally pro-active, possess considerably high soft skills and are worthy team players. This leads to potentially great additions to any team, while adhering to Volvo Car Group culture – being curious, creating together and making the difference”

- Siddhant GuptaResearch Engineer, Verification & Validation Autonomous Driving/ADAS at Volvo Car Group

We at New Minds are very proud of our collaboration and our ambitions are to help young talents in their carrier with an accelerating leap. Our beliefs are to create a strong network and support system where you always have a circle to lean on.


The New Minds Academy Day is on the 14th of October,