070–257 60 24


Photo of Emil Fredriksson Photo of Emil Fredriksson
Emil Fredriksson Recruiter
Photo of Moa Schaffer Photo of Moa Schaffer
Moa Schaffer Recruiter
Photo of Julia Gullbrandsson Photo of Julia Gullbrandsson
Julia Gullbrandsson Recruiter
Photo of Malin Drake Photo of Malin Drake
Malin Drake Recruiter 070–290 20 81


Photo of Hanna Conrad Photo of Hanna Conrad
Hanna Conrad Consultant Manager (on parental leave)
Photo of Hanna Schröder Photo of Hanna Schröder
Hanna Schröder Consultant Manager 073–770 00 88
Photo of Martin Samuelsson Photo of Martin Samuelsson
Martin Samuelsson Consultant Manager 070–717 77 29
Photo of Albertina Uddh Photo of Albertina Uddh
Albertina Uddh Consultant Manager Assistant 076–346 84 24
Photo of Linnea Okfors Photo of Linnea Okfors
Linnea Okfors Consultant Manager Assistant 072–710 01 30
Photo of Hannah Schaffer Photo of Hannah Schaffer
Hannah Schaffer Consultant Manager Assistant 073–545 66 47
Photo of Sandra Hamdi Photo of Sandra Hamdi
Sandra Hamdi Consultant Manager 076–317 66 73
Photo of Linn-Ewa Wittlock Photo of Linn-Ewa Wittlock
Linn-Ewa Wittlock Consultant Manager 073–076 11 01
Photo of Linn Alholt Photo of Linn Alholt
Linn Alholt Consultant Manager 076–321 39 04


Photo of Fredrik Marthinsen Photo of Fredrik Marthinsen
Fredrik Marthinsen CEO & FOUNDER
Photo of Nils Widmark Photo of Nils Widmark
Nils Widmark CIO & FOUNDER
Photo of Caroline Stjerna Photo of Caroline Stjerna
Caroline Stjerna HR MANAGER
Photo of Mattias Larsson Photo of Mattias Larsson
Mattias Larsson Marketing Director
Photo of Nina Norberg Photo of Nina Norberg
Nina Norberg Office Manager 070-257 60 24


Kungsportsavenyn 37

411 36 Gothenburg

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