Our previous academies

The New Minds Academy concept started in 2012 when we could see this was a solution to a market challenge as well as something perfectly aligned with our vision. Since then we have delivered noumerous academies with cliens in many different industries and the concept has spread beyond New Minds. We are proud to have initiated a trend and we are dedicated do be leading it into the future with constant innovation. Below is a small selection of those who we say thank you to for trusting us in being their partner. To hear more about our many other partners or become a part of the academy yourself just give us a call.

Volvo Cars

building the car of tomorrow today

Volvo Cars

One of our most recent partners is Volvo Cars who selected New Minds in 2018 to set up and deliver an Academy around active safety and autonomous drive. It was very exiting to work with a global well known company such as Volvo and proven very successful. Our dedicated focus on really finding and developing the engineers with the perfect skills and personalities combined with the strength of the Volvo brand and their drive to develop the latest world-class technology in automotive proved to be a winner.

The success of 2018 resulted in a growing partnership, and in 2019 we included the departments around power supply and electrification. Together we have now recruited over 30 engineers and we have developed training programmes to meet the accelerated development expected of these candidates to really match the demands of a growing industry. We especially appreciate the dedicated focus given to these candidates by Volvo who really see them as their investment in the future and go well beyond our partnership in welcoming and developing these young talents. Their growth is our success!


Simplify peoples lives with technology


HiQ is one of Sweden’s leading consulting-companies in IT and technology. We share their vision of contributing to making a better world with the help of technology that simplify people’s lives. HiQ in Gothenburg has grown year on year since we started our collaboration in 2011. They have been an attractive employer in several different academies between 2012 and 2017. The successful partnership was based on HiQs willingness to seriously invest in increasing their competence-base around innovative areas like mobile applications, design, embedded software and self-driving cars. We have set up joint training programmes and graduated some fantastic consultants with the right can-do-will-do attitude over the years.


People-Driven Logistics Software

Centiro Academy

Centiro´s products are some the most powerful administrative software for transportation and logistics in the market. They have customers all over the world and have undergone an unbelievable journey with extensive growth as a company. The academy we delivered with Centiro in 2017 was part of this growth journey. We recruited a team of ten inspired software engineers and created a training programme focusing on areas like .Net-development, AI, Devops and Scrum. We are glad to have contributed to Centiros growth and we know our academy participants have grown more than they imagined during this year.

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