Kickstart Your Career

Are you our next talent within IT and Technology?

At New Minds, we have a vision: To make people grow in their professional careers and to make our customers grow with the help of the most suitable and motivated individuals.

With this vision, we started New Minds Academy, a 12 months program combining challenging work with top of the line coaching to give you the best start possible in your career! Join us and become a part of that vision!

After having successfully completed the Academy-year, the intention is that you will become an employee at the company you worked for during your time with New Minds. The companies that we choose to work with see New Minds Academy as an investment in their future talents – in You!

New Minds also arrange social activities where participants get to meet and build their own network; for example through after-works, lectures and a fabolous kick-off trip abroad.

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Apply today for the chance to get a position in New Minds Academy, starting in September 2019


New Minds Academy 2019

We hope you have, like us, realized the unique opportunity to begin your career within the exciting automotive industry. This industry is currently changing rapidly, and the demand for talented engineers is high, which makes this the perfect platform for our academy. New Minds Academy offers talented engineers, within computer science, software engineering, and similar, the opportunity to work at some of Gothenburg’s most attractive automotive employers.

This year our partners include

  • WirelessCar
  • Volvo Group Connected Solutions
  • Volvo Cars

Amongst others

Academy Day

The Academy Day is an open session where you have the chance to meet and listen to our partners. If you register, we will invite you to one or more sessions, which is the first step in your application to the New Minds Academy. After you have listened, and talked to our partners, it will be up to you if you would like to proceed to the evaulation and invterview process.

Take the opportunity on the 8th of March to learn more and mingle directly with two of our Academy partners: Volvo Group Connected Solutions and WirelessCar.

Previous participants

Adam Andersson – HiQ Autonomous Drive

“The social aspect, gaining a larger network with nice and smart people, has been the best part about New Minds Academy. It was really nice to get to know everyone already from the beginning during the trip to Barcelona.”

Viktor Tegnäs – HiQ Autonomous Drive

“The training sessions were clearly the best part of the New Minds Academy. Knowing that you can always contact your consulting-manager at New Minds if you have any questions is also very comforting.”

Adam Byléhn – Centiro People Driven Logistics Software

“The support from my consulting-manager has been very valuable. It feels good to get regular check-ups from them and to always be able to ask them any questions that you may have. New Minds has a lot of experience in the business and with recent graduates. Everything was handled smoothly and remarkably well.”

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