New minds Academy 2018 med Exjobb

Autonomous Drive – Developing the car of the future, today!
Master thesis

Five master thesis’ for 10 master students with Volvo Cars within one of seven areas.


Together with your Volvo instructor, you will choose the topic of the thesis based on your mutual interests.


Start you 12-month Academy employment:

– Work inhouse at Volvo Cars
– Attain specialized training from New Minds
– Competitive salary
– Coaching and support from our mentors

Graduation & employment

Your Academy employment transcends into a permanent post with Volvo Cars.


Your year at New Minds Academy gives you the best start possible for a career at Volvo.

The Program


Berg Insights stated on the future of Autonomous Cars that;” The removal of the driver is arguably the most significant transformative innovation ever faced by the automotive industry.”


Volvo Cars are in the very centre of this transformation and we are glad to invite the most skilled and motivated young engineers to join us in this evolution. The New Minds Academy 2018 with Volvo Cars will open the doors to 10 fantastic candidates, giving them the opportunity to kick-start a career in one of the most exciting areas evolving.


The candidates selected will be offered an attractive employment contract with competitive salary during a 12-month academy as well as specialised training, coaching and support to give you the best possible start of your career.

Thesis topics


The program will start by offering 5 master thesis projects to be executed in pairs. The technical range is as wide as the topic itself but suggested areas are:


-Building fail-safe vehicles and redundant sensing systems.

-Optimising functions using machine learning and big data.

-Building and optimising scenarios

-Developing and integrating sensor systems (vision, lidar, radar)

– Connectivity and data management.

-Virtual verification and simulations

-Vehicle analysis

Why New Minds Academy?


The end goal of this academy is for you to achieve the best possible start of your career within this exciting space. After the master thesis you will be employed by New Minds and during the next 12 months combine on-site project work with Volvo Cars and off-site training delivered by New Minds.


When you leave the programme, your career has evolved more than you could ever expect and you will now become an employee of the Volvo Cars organisation continuing the path to help create the car of the future, today!